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23. Oktober 2003  
Another vikingship?

The Oseberg ShipPulse levels are rising among Norwegian researchers who think they may have found the country's fourth intact Viking ship buried in a mound near Tnsberg. The site is just next to the spot where the famed Oseberg ship was found in 1880.

The Oseberg Ship (photo), one of three now on display in Oslo's Viking Ships Museum, was also found in Vestfold County.

Researchers from the University of Oslo have been using radar to examine the Viking burial site. Photos have revealed an oval shape lying about a meter under the pile of stones atop the mound, called a "gravrys" in Norwegian.

Norwegian newspaper VG reported Tuesday that the pictures may denote another Viking longship buried with its owners' possessions in the traditional manner.

Researchers also think the ship may be intact. Clay in the area preserved the Oseberg Ship for more than a thousand years, so it's entirely possible that conditions have allowed the perservation of another ship as well.

The Oseberg Ship, now the crown jewel in Oslo's Viking Ships Museum on the Bygdy peninsula, was found just a kilometer-and-a-half away. It measured 22 meters long by five meters wide and belonged to a powerful Viking queen who died in 834.

Archaeologist Trude Aga Brun of Vestfold County wants to examine the site as soon as possible. She said officials will try to undertake a focused excavation this autumn. "If we're lucky, we'll find some woodwork," she told VG.

Many Viking ship graves have been found in Norway over the years, but most of the vessels had rotted away and graves also had been plundered in earlier centuries.

(From Aftenposten's News in English)

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