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5. November 2004  
Munch museum considered moved

ScreamIn light of the thefts of two famous Munch paintings, there has been a call for increased security measures. The cost is huge, and it has been suggested to move the museum.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has evaluated the security at the Munch museum and claims the current museum has to be upgraded for between NOK 200 and 300 million (USD 31.5 and 47.2 million), reported the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

DNV does not recommend a reopening of the museum until the upgrading have been completed. Among other things, it is suggested that a metal detector is installed at the entry and the most valuable paintings secured behind glass bolted into the wall.

These upgrades alone amount to about NOK 20 to 30 million (USD 3.1 and 4.7 million), but it does not end there. The costs of a number of required measures have been estimated to between NOK 200 and 300 million (USD 31.5 and 47.2 million).

We have to evaluate if this is an investment that we should do, or if we instead should build a completely new space at Vestbanen, said Anette Wiig Bryn, cultural city council member, to the paper.

Wiig Bryn said the city council will evaluate both the suggestions.

But I'm not going to hide that I think Vestbanen is a better alternative as we are building a library there for NOK 600 million (USD 95 million), Wiig Bryn stated.

Via Nettavisen News in English.


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