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8. Desember 2003  
End of an era

It looks like the end for amp and deck. Hi-fi separates, once the must-have home entertainment accessory, have all but died a death.

As consumers flock to digital stereos, which can store music downloads and play DVDs and mini-discs as well as the traditional CD, tape and radio, Pioneer - the king of separates - is phasing out single-format players and speakers.

"Stack systems with one box for radio, one for tapes, one for CDs and then a record player on top have disappeared," said John Bamford, Pioneer GB's product manager.

"We make some stereo amps but there is no demand for them. We sell 1,000 surround-sound amplifiers for every stereo amp."

He added: "I imagine we'll stop selling them completely within the next three years."

Read the story in the Independent.

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