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3. Oktober 2003  

I came across this article in the english edition of the norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten". It's about a policeman who was fired for having sex with women in the office he used to interview asylum seekers.

Taking advantage of people in a terrible situation should in itself be a crime, but no:

The 52-year-old police sergeant is protesting his dimissal, claiming that he was overworked and lost the ability to draw a line between his professional and private lives.

"The police chief is firing a sick man," he complained to newspaper VG.


But he got support:

A psychologist and a doctor have claimed that the man was made ill by too much overtime. Sex, the psychologist said, became "a form of intoxication" that in which the police sergeant himself sought refuge.

As far as I know, being intoxicated has not aquitted anyone from a sentence for any crime, like drunk driving!

The case raises questions as to whether the police sergeant abused his authority over women who faced being deported from Norway. He admits his actions were "stupid," but he's appealed his dismissal in the hopes of regaining his job.


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