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19. Desember 2003  
Christmas approaching

Northern Light

It's a dreadful time of the year to be living up north. It's dark when you leave for work and dark when you go home. There's no snow in Oslo right now and it's getting colder. Fortunately we live below the arctic circle so at least we have some daylight during the day. Above it, they have the polar night. But the winter solstice is not far away, so the light (hopefully) will return.

And the Northern Light is particularly visible at this time of the year.

As of this friday afternoon, I'm on vacation and won't be back at work until 5. january, 2004. Puuuhh!

My son, Thomas, is coming over from Dublin on Christmas Eve and will stay until 1. january. That will be nice.

Maybe you ought to contemplate this during the holidays.

This ad for Miller Lite is worth seeing: Dominoes. (Via Big Action.)

But remember, people who drink Lite beer doesn't like the taste of beer. They just like to pee a lot.

There are lot of people out there who don't like president Bush very much. And even has a song about it.

I put up a text on Words.

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