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12. Januar 2004  
Norwegians pay the highest EU fee

EUAnd we aren't even a member of the European Union!

Twice, in referendums held in 1972 and 1994, norwegians voted no to become a member of EU. In spite of the norwegian reluctance to membership, most of our export goes to the EU anyway. And to keep the EU market open, we have to pay! How much has not been common knowledge until now, and the price for staying outside is high.

According to numbers from the European Union commission, Norway gives three times more money per inhabitant to EUs new member countries than the member countries themselves.

The ten new EU members will as of this year receive EUR 205.8 million annually in subsidies from Norway during the next five years.

Of the other nordic countries (that are members), Sweden is transferring between EUR 64 and 84 million annually, while Denmark gives between EUR 19 and 25 million, and Finland about EUR 1.5 million annually during the next five years, according to the norwegian newspaper Nationen.

The numbers are based on calculations made on data presented by the EU commissions budget directorate.

Divided per inhabitants, every Norwegian pays EUR 137.2 over a period of three years. The most densely populated country in the Union, Germany, will in the same period give EUR 18.60 per inhabitant.


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