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7. Januar 2004  
7 days into the new year

Snow-covered lion outside the Parliament buildingAs the picture shows, there was heavy snowfall here in Oslo last night. Summer seems so far away! (Photo stolen from: Aftenposten.)

Five days after the toll at the tollgate surrounding the Norwegian capital increased, two unidentified men threw a fire bomb at one of the booths at Alnabru, Oslo. It may appear as some people are very upset with the toll increase from NOK 15 (USD 2.30) to NOK 20 (USD 3) as two unidentified men went as far as throwing a fire bomb on one of the booths Monday night. (Via Nettavisen.)

Around 300 Norwegian children will be among those taking part in a memorial service on Thursday for Keiko, the loveable killer whale who died in a local bay just before Christmas. Some mourners are coming from as far away as California. (Via Aftenposten.)

In case you missed the event, here is NASA's Mars Photojournal.

Apple's new iPod Mini have made some people ask why you should by one? When the new iPod Mini sells for US$250 and offers 4 gigabytes of storage and the old iPod still sells for US$300 but has been upgraded to 15 gigs of storage. Coolness maybe?

The man suspected of killing Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has admitted committing the crime. Mijailo Mijailovic was arrested following the death of Ms Lindh, who was stabbed in a Stockholm department store last September. Mr Mijailovic's lawyer, Peter Althin, said his client had confessed to the crime during interrogation.

And this is for all you (male) football fans!

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