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24. August 2004  
Tourists recover after horses ran amok

BriksdalsbreenA group of British tourists were recovering Tuesday after a traumatic visit to Norway's famed Briksdal Glacier. Horses pulling the carriages they were riding in from the glacier suddenly ran amok, overturning the carriages and throwing their passengers out of them.

The incident led to a dramatic rescue effort in the relatively remote mountain valley leading up to the glacier. Ambulances had to drive up dirt roads to the site of the accident and helicopters were called in to airlift the most seriously injured to local hospitals.

Doctors said Tuesday that injuries weren't as serious as first feared. A total of 16 tourists were treated, with seven admitted to hospitals in lesund and Frde after suffering fractures and bruising.

Most of the tourists were retirees, with some of those with broken bones in their 70s.

A British couple aged 52 and two women aged 78 and 73 were listed in fair condition at the hospital in lesund. Two women and a man in their 70s were under observation at the hospital in Frde, but their injuries were not listed as serious. Another eight were sent to a hospital in Nordfjordeid for treatment.

Their group of 51 had split up into 17 of the horse-drawn carriages that have carried tourists up to the Briksdal Glacier for years. The horses are all led by trained guides, but some of the normally docile animals bolted and started running off the road.

It's not the first time such accidents have occurred at Briksdal. A Japanese tourist was killed in a similar incident about five years ago.

Via Aftenposten News in English. Photo: Willy Haraldsen / SCANPIX

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22. August 2004  
Munch's masterpieces stolen

skrikand children.jpgSeveral armed thieves entered the Munch Museum in Oslo on Sunday and took the world-famous masterpieces "Skrik" and "Madonna" by force. Police are currently combing the capital for the criminals.

"I can confirm that the paintings "Skrik" (Scream) and "Madonna" have been stolen from the Munch Museum by two armed criminals, darkly dressed. The two were seen running down Tyengata from the museum to a waiting car that had its motor running," head of crime operations at Oslo police, Kjell Pedersen told Aftenposten's web edition.
"There were many witnesses to the robbery. Several of the witnesses are naturally reacted strongly to what they have seen. One woman has been driven to emergency in shock. We have mobilized all available resources, on the ground and in the air," Pedersen said.

One of the employees at the Munch Museum caf told Aftenposten's Internet edition that she saw two men walking with the two paintings held between them.

One of the criminals reportedly threatened one of the museum staff with a revolver to the temple.

"We saw a man with a hood over his head run through the gallery," two young Czech tourists told Aftenposten's web edition. "Three of the museum's security guards were lying on the floor," Markita Ogojov said.

An 80-year-old woman visiting the museum saw two men with "revolvers" running through the building.

"Did I feel threatened? I am the calm type," the elderly lady laughed.

The robbers were masked, threatened staff with a pistol and escaped from the scene in an Audi A6.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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4. Mars 2004  
Fined for embassy bombardment

A Baerum man received fines for bombarding the US embassy in downtown Oslo with snowballs. Oslo Court ruled that the man pay NOK 5,000 (USD 700) as a fine and NOK 2,000 (USD 280) in court costs for his wintry aggression.

Deputy Judge Frode Hanssen cited aggravating circumstances since the man had two earlier fines for similar offenses.

The 34-year-old had had a bit too much too drink a few weekends ago, and decided to fire loose on the US embassy and its police guards. He followed up the snowball offensive by trying to scale the embassy fence and was apprehended by police.

The offender refused to pay a fine and took the case to court before being convicted of disturbing the peace while intoxicated.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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7. Januar 2004  
7 days into the new year

Snow-covered lion outside the Parliament buildingAs the picture shows, there was heavy snowfall here in Oslo last night. Summer seems so far away! (Photo stolen from: Aftenposten.)

Five days after the toll at the tollgate surrounding the Norwegian capital increased, two unidentified men threw a fire bomb at one of the booths at Alnabru, Oslo. It may appear as some people are very upset with the toll increase from NOK 15 (USD 2.30) to NOK 20 (USD 3) as two unidentified men went as far as throwing a fire bomb on one of the booths Monday night. (Via Nettavisen.)

Around 300 Norwegian children will be among those taking part in a memorial service on Thursday for Keiko, the loveable killer whale who died in a local bay just before Christmas. Some mourners are coming from as far away as California. (Via Aftenposten.)

In case you missed the event, here is NASA's Mars Photojournal.

Apple's new iPod Mini have made some people ask why you should by one? When the new iPod Mini sells for US$250 and offers 4 gigabytes of storage and the old iPod still sells for US$300 but has been upgraded to 15 gigs of storage. Coolness maybe?

The man suspected of killing Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has admitted committing the crime. Mijailo Mijailovic was arrested following the death of Ms Lindh, who was stabbed in a Stockholm department store last September. Mr Mijailovic's lawyer, Peter Althin, said his client had confessed to the crime during interrogation.

And this is for all you (male) football fans!

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