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4. Januar 2004  
It's over!

Yes, it's over. What? My christmas holiday! After 14 lazy days with good food, good booze, family, friends, late evenings and late mornings, it's over. At least for this holiday season. I had planned to read much this christmas, but I haven't actually opened a book!

My son, Thomas, went back to Dublin 1. january. He's coming back in february to attend a friend's marriage, so it won't be long this time.

But tomorrow the daily chores starts again. It's been snowing today, so there will most probably be totally chaos on the roads tomorrow. I'm glad that I can walk to work.

I managed at last to get to the ophthalmologist to get the necessary medicine for my iridocyclitis. It was difficult to find a doctor during the holidays, seems like they take all days off! (Like the rest of us?)

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