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18. Mars 2004  
Murder fears after computer trouble

Frightened neighbors heard such violent noises from an adjacent apartment that they called police and warned that a possible murder was in progress. Law enforcement arrived and found a red-faced man who had just had one problem too many when installing a new computer.

Many can sympathize with the man's troubles. After buying a new computer and assorted peripherals, arranging cables and wiring, setting up all his equipment and plugging everything in, the excitable neighbor thought his stressful installation job was over.

With all systems apparently go, the man prepared to install software needed to connect to the Internet, but got a shock when he unwrapped the package from Telenor.

"The CD was broken in two. That was when I got a bit annoyed. But no one got hurt," the man told Aftenposten's evening edition.

This discovery was too much after the day's exertions, and he blew his top. After shrieking furiously at some equipment, he took his frustration out on bookshelves, furniture and walls.

Although worried neighbors might find it hard to believe, the man claimed his apartment wasn't knee-deep in shattered furniture.

"Yeah, I got a little angry, I did. But it went well after all. No one was hurt or anything. Now I hope that I haven't been registered as a nut by the police," he said.

I wouldn't bet on it!

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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