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3. August 2004  
Tourists (II)

The tourists visiting Bergen, Norway, ask about the strangest things, like where the Norwegian trolls live.

According to the local paper Bergensavisen (BA), an American showed up at the tourist information office in Bergen and asked for a map of where the Vikings lived. He was convinced that they were still around. The American stated that he heard that they lived in Fyllingsdalen.

Cily Samuelsen, 31, and Marianne Hgsnes, 27, at the tourist information office in Bergen stated that the questions never seize to amaze them.

This summer, several have stopped by and asked us where the trolls live, Hgsnes explained. That is rather easy to handle. We only send them to the Ivo Caprino Park at Lillehammer because there are several troll statues there.

The two women at the tourist information said a Japanese tourist stopped by the other day and asked if it was possible to take a day trip through the polar circle to the North Pole because his son really wanted to meet Santa Claus.

The women were rather flabbergasted when an American couple demanded their money back because they discovered that the midnight sun in Norway was the same as home in the States.

Via Nettavisen News in English.

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