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3. September 2004  
Authorities crack down on McDonald's

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is harshly criticizing fast-food chain McDonald's after inspections of eight restaurants revealed poor hygiene. The authorities cited them for lack of cleanliness and deficient routines.

The restaurants were randomly selected from the Oslo area to Norway's west coast. One McDonald's in the Oslo suburb of Bekkestua was prohibited from selling milkshakes in June, because authorities feared they contained bacteria.

Another McDonald's in the Kvadrat Shopping Center in Sandnes, south of Stavanger, was ordered to wash its kitchen.

Norway's national commercial radio station P4 reported Friday that several other McDonald's were cited for poor cleaning routines and other deficiencies.

"It's quite serious when McDonald's doesn't manage to maintain good cleanliness routines," said Guri Espeland of the mid-Rogaland office for the food authority (Mattilsynet).

Espeland noted that poor hygiene raises the danger of food poisoning.

A McDonald's spokesperson said the restaurants would improve conditions.

"This we must do immediately, in cooperation with the restaurants involved," said Hilde verby, quality chief for McDonald's in Norway. "I will travel around and ensure that things get better."

Via Aftenposten News in English.


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