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2. September 2004  
Endangered moose

Endangered!!This familiar Norwegian sight - a traffic sign showing a moose crossing - has become a hot souvenir item for tourists willing to ignore the law. Several hundred of the distinctive signs disappear from Norwegian roadsides every year, newspaper Nationen reports.

The sign warns of "unusually high moose danger" for the next 800 meters.

The wandering moose in a bright red warning triangle is enjoying unprecedented popularity, and they are being stolen at a record rate.

"There are 500 moose signs stolen per year, many of them by Germans," Geir Ove Nordgrd of the Public Roads Directorate told the newspaper.

The sale of souvenir stickers depicting the moose sign has been a popular item for years, but now tourists want the real thing, and nearly always opt to steal them.

Euroskilt, the firm that delivers the moose warnings, has only been approached once by a prospective private buyer.

"They were tourists that visited our office," said financial chief Erik deli. "We haven't tried selling signs to tourists."

Via Aftenposten News in English. Photo: Einar Solvoll

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