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9. September 2004  
Strides for Opera

Norwegian web browser company Opera Software announced on Thursday a new version of its screen rendering technology that makes viewing Internet web pages on a normal television as sharp as viewing them on a traditional computer monitor.

Opera's ability to reproduce web pages on a variety of screen sizes has given it new markets.

The Oslo-based company that developed the No. 3 Internet browser said web pages are designed to be displayed on high-resolution computer monitors and low resolution television screens can leave pages with a decidedly less than perfect image.

Opera said its TV Rendering, or TVR, program adjusts any Web page for a perfect display on any television screen of any size.

The Opera web browser has been chosen as standard on the Nokia 9300 mobile telephone, according to an Oslo stock exchange notice.

Opera's browser will be the only one used on the phone and the company will be paid per unit sold. The phone is scheduled to appear in the first quarter of 2005.

Opera shares rose four percent on the news on Thursday morning.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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