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15. Desember 2004  
Attack of the Comment Spammers

Yesterday I was aware of that my old website was getting a lot of comments and I realised that the site was under attack from the Comment Spammers.

Because it isn't in use, it was run by an old version of Movable Type (my Content Management System) and in that version there is no spam control built in to the system. Although there was no need for immediate action, I put the comments allowed to "none" and rebuilt, but to no avail. Today the attack continued.

So I have to do it the hard way: Back it up locally and delete it on the server. Why back it up when it's no more in use? History, my friend, history.

Let's hope the version of MT (3.121) that runs this website is more robust, or I'm in trouble.

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16. November 2004  
Well of course they do

This link is for those of us who thinks that everone else has more ...... Check it out for yourself.

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15. September 2004  
Spam free!

No Spam with Knowspam.netYesterday I received a reminder from that my yearly account was expired. In this year has blocked 46.735 spams! That's an average of 128 spams a day! And it costs only $19.95 for a year. If spam is a problem for you, get an account!

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9. September 2004  
Strides for Opera

Norwegian web browser company Opera Software announced on Thursday a new version of its screen rendering technology that makes viewing Internet web pages on a normal television as sharp as viewing them on a traditional computer monitor.

Opera's ability to reproduce web pages on a variety of screen sizes has given it new markets.

The Oslo-based company that developed the No. 3 Internet browser said web pages are designed to be displayed on high-resolution computer monitors and low resolution television screens can leave pages with a decidedly less than perfect image.

Opera said its TV Rendering, or TVR, program adjusts any Web page for a perfect display on any television screen of any size.

The Opera web browser has been chosen as standard on the Nokia 9300 mobile telephone, according to an Oslo stock exchange notice.

Opera's browser will be the only one used on the phone and the company will be paid per unit sold. The phone is scheduled to appear in the first quarter of 2005.

Opera shares rose four percent on the news on Thursday morning.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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29. Mai 2004  
Opera Software boss' star keeps rising

Jon S. von TetzchnerJon S von Tetzchner, the Icelandic-reared chief executive of Oslo-based Opera Software, finds himself in good company these days. Now he's been named one of 25 "Stars of Europe" by a leading business magazine, right up there with the CEOs at BMW and Air France.

Business Week magazine likens Von Tetzchner to the rare entrepreneur who manages to tackle Microsoft Corp head-on "and live to tell the tale." Von Tetzchner, the magazine claims, "is that rare survivor."

His company, launched with business partner Geir Ivarsoy in 1995, even managed to mount a successful stock offering earlier this year. Opera Software now boasts millions of users attracted by its browser that allows quick and easy Internet use.

Opera also has been an innovator, Business Week notes, offering its browser free of charge if users accept ads on the screen, or for USD 39 in an ad-free version. Von Tetzchner also spotted opportunities for browsers in mobile phones and other non-PCs, and he dreams of the day when browsers will be built into most household appliances.

The Business Week recognition is the latest for the 36-year-old entrepreneur, who's been the subject of profiles in national newspapers in Norway of late. Success doesn't seem to have gone to his head, though. As one paper noted, he still drives a fairly old car and lives in a modest neighborhood in Oslo with his wife and children.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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13. Mars 2004  

Today my spam-filter at had removed more than 15.000 messages from my mailbox since mid-october last year. That should be something like 100 messages a day!

So until spam is outlawed, companies like should have great days. Keep going!

We're giving them a little publicity by putting up this real-time button showing the total number of messages stopped. (Use the browser's "refresh" button to update it.) has blocked spams for me!
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25. Februar 2004  
Web sites lure Chinese to Norway

Chinese web-siteWeb sites touting high income and standards of living in Norway have reportedly prompted scores of Chinese to borrow large amounts of money from agents offering to arrange their travel and residence permission. Many are now living in fear after two Chinese students were murdered in Oslo.

"The Chinese themselves will never admit they have used such agents, because it's not considered honorable," one Chinese businesswoman in Oslo told newspaper Aftenposten. Like several others interviewed by Aftenposten, she requested her name be withheld for fear of reprisal.

The agents, she claimed, offer to arrange everything necessary for young Chinese to move to Norway, from visas to airline tickets and school admission. They charge as much as NOK 250,000 (around USD 30,000) for their services.

Few can come up with such cash, whereupon the agents often offer to lend the money to their clients, at skyhigh interest rates. The agents concentrate mostly on luring potential students to Norway, but also offer emigration services such as arranging marriages that would allow permanent residency in Norway.

Other sources told Aftenposten that if the clients fail to meet repayment terms, their debt is automatically doubled. As many as six agents, both men and women, are said to have been active in the Norwegian market over the past 15 years.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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12. Februar 2004  
24. Desember 2003  
DVD-Jon aquitted


John Lech Johansen, alias DVD-Jon, was aquitted on all counts in Borgating Court of Appeals Monday afternoon.

kokrim, the central unit for investigating and prosecuting economic and environmental crimes, started to investigate Johansen after he published a program on the Internet which made it possible to break the built-in scrabbling code CSS on DVDs.

Johansen was first arrested in January 2000 when he was 16 years old, and it is today four years since the police first confiscated Johansens computer.

The trial, which got a lot of publicity both in Norwegian and International media, ended with the acquittal of Johansen in Oslo County Court in January 2003.

The case was appealed to Borgating, and the case started December 2 of this year.

Via Nettavisen, News in English.

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22. Oktober 2003  
No more spam!

Prior to mid-august I received a lot of e-mails that I definitely did not want. So I tried out an offer from

And during the trial month I was convinced. For $19.95 yearly, they take away all the spam I get!

Until today (that's about a month) they have blocked 3.056 e-mails. So now I only get the real ones and all the "incredible" offers are not cluttering up my mail account.

So if you get spam, don't hesitate. It's worth it!

No Spam with

(You're still able to look at them and pick up the "real" offers: Like making "it" 4 inches longer and 2 inches thicker!)

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