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22. Februar 2004  
Nostalgia (revisited)

Yesterday, Synne, Erik and Marianne came around to view some old slides. Some of them dating 30 years back! It was quite an experience for all of us, it's been decades since I pulled out the slide projector and put up a screen to watch pictures.

I do own a flatbed scanner that can handle film, even though the quality is far away from the originals. So I scanned three pictures of the kids.

Click to enlarge ThomasClick to enlarge SynneClick to enlarge Lene

I would guess the picture of Thomas dates back to 1973-4, Synne's 1977 and Lene's 1974. I'm not quite sure because the index file (on paper of course) containing that information is unfortunately (at present) missing.

I really wish time wouldn't fly this fast!

Click on the images to enlarge!

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