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26. Mars 2004  
E-ink book coming in april

Sony elpaperSony plans to begin selling the world's first consumer electronic paper unit in Japan in April. LIBRIe will be about the size of a paperback book and cost $375. The screen's 6-inch display has a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, but most importantly, it promises to offer a "truly paper-like reading experience with contrast that is the same as newsprint." This sounds like a major step forward in what could be the end of the newsPAPER as we know it.

"The Electronic Paper Display is reflective and can be easily read in bright sunlight or dimly lit environments while being able to be seen at virtually any angle - just like paper," Sony says. "Its black and white ink-on-paper look, combined with a resolution in excess of most portable devices at approximately 170 pixels per inch (PPI), gives an appearance similar to that of the most widely read material on the planet - newspaper. Because the display uses power only when an image is changed, a user can read more than 10,000 pages before the four AAA Alkaline batteries need to be replaced. The unique technology also results in a compact and lightweight form factor allowing it to be ideal for highly portable applications."


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22. Mars 2004  
Norway condemns killing of Yassin

jpetersen.jpgThe government of Norway, which for years has tried to broker peace in the Middle East, condemned Israel's murder of Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin on Monday. Norway's foreign minister said the killing creates "an extremely dangerous situation" in the Middle East.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Petersen said Israel's rocket attack on Yassin "will lead to greater tension in the area." He said it also will "impede implementation" of the latest peace efforts in the area, as well as Israel's withdrawal from Gaza.

"We realize that Hamas has been responsible for a number of terrorist operations, which we have deeply deplored," said Petersen, who hails from Norway's Conservative Party.

"This does not, however, justify extrajudicial killings like the one we have now seen," he added.

The killing of Yassin "has created an extremely dangerous situation" Petersen said, urging both the Palestinians and the Israelis to refrain from further violence.

"Efforts to implement an agreed Israeli withdrawal from Gaza must be given top priority," he said. "I urge the parties to refrain from further violence and lay the groundwork as soon as possible so that the 'Roadmap for Peace' can be implemented."

Thorbjoern Jagland, a former foreign minister from the Labour Party who now heads the Norwegian parliament's foreign relations committee, also fears that Yassin's murder will seriously escalate the conflict in the Middle East.

"The only certain thing is that it will strengthen the radical groups, especially in Gaza," Jagland told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). "There will be even more violence, and the moderate leader within the Palestinian authorities will be further weakened."

Jagland was in Brussels on Monday to meet Javier Solana and Romano Prodi of the European Union, along with Spain's incoming foreign minister Miguel Mauratinos, to talk about how the EU can contribute to the Mid-East peace process.

Jagland was also set to have bilateral talks in Tel Aviv with representatives of Israel's government. On Wednesday he's due to meet Yasser Arafat.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

18. Mars 2004  
Murder fears after computer trouble

Frightened neighbors heard such violent noises from an adjacent apartment that they called police and warned that a possible murder was in progress. Law enforcement arrived and found a red-faced man who had just had one problem too many when installing a new computer.

Many can sympathize with the man's troubles. After buying a new computer and assorted peripherals, arranging cables and wiring, setting up all his equipment and plugging everything in, the excitable neighbor thought his stressful installation job was over.

With all systems apparently go, the man prepared to install software needed to connect to the Internet, but got a shock when he unwrapped the package from Telenor.

"The CD was broken in two. That was when I got a bit annoyed. But no one got hurt," the man told Aftenposten's evening edition.

This discovery was too much after the day's exertions, and he blew his top. After shrieking furiously at some equipment, he took his frustration out on bookshelves, furniture and walls.

Although worried neighbors might find it hard to believe, the man claimed his apartment wasn't knee-deep in shattered furniture.

"Yeah, I got a little angry, I did. But it went well after all. No one was hurt or anything. Now I hope that I haven't been registered as a nut by the police," he said.

I wouldn't bet on it!

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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17. Mars 2004  
A long way from home

Earth as viewed from Mars

Sometimes when you feel you're a long way from home, think of this image. Rover Spirit took this image from Mars facing Earth. No wonder psychologists say that one of the main psychic problems facing astronauts landing on Mars is not necessarily the long journey, but the image of the Earth as just an other shiny spot in the night sky.

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16. Mars 2004  
Gratulerer med dagen!

Barnebarnet mitt, Ronny er 14 år idag!

Gratulerer med dagen, Ronny! Håper det blir en fin dag!

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13. Mars 2004  

Today my spam-filter at had removed more than 15.000 messages from my mailbox since mid-october last year. That should be something like 100 messages a day!

So until spam is outlawed, companies like should have great days. Keep going!

We're giving them a little publicity by putting up this real-time button showing the total number of messages stopped. (Use the browser's "refresh" button to update it.) has blocked spams for me!
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4. Mars 2004  
Fined for embassy bombardment

A Baerum man received fines for bombarding the US embassy in downtown Oslo with snowballs. Oslo Court ruled that the man pay NOK 5,000 (USD 700) as a fine and NOK 2,000 (USD 280) in court costs for his wintry aggression.

Deputy Judge Frode Hanssen cited aggravating circumstances since the man had two earlier fines for similar offenses.

The 34-year-old had had a bit too much too drink a few weekends ago, and decided to fire loose on the US embassy and its police guards. He followed up the snowball offensive by trying to scale the embassy fence and was apprehended by police.

The offender refused to pay a fine and took the case to court before being convicted of disturbing the peace while intoxicated.

Via Aftenposten News in English.

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1. Mars 2004  
Cassini approaching Saturn

Click to EnlargeIn these glory days of Mars exploration, let's not forget about Cassini.

Cassini, then one of the most sophisticated planetary spacecraft ever built, was launched on October 15, 1997 from Cape Canaveral. Its ultimate mission is a thorough, in-depth, 4-year-long exploration of the Saturn system which will begin when Cassini arrives there, after a 7 year journey across the solar system, in july 2004. A 3.4 billion kilometer looping voyage across the solar system. That's a long journey!

Cassini's approach to Saturn has begun, and today the Imaging Team is marking the event with the release of a color composite of the ringed planet made from images taken on February 9, 2004.

Via CICLOPS (Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations). Read more about Cassini there.

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